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Our club is open to students from all majors with a common interest in the Poultry Industry. Meetings are held every other Monday at 6:00 pm and dinner is always provided! The Poultry Science Club participates in a variety of activities to educate the community about the impact of agriculture & the poultry industry. Club activities include: Farm to Fork Smoked Bird Sales, Recruiting visits, Ag Roundup Tailgate, Alumni, Friends and Recruiting BBQ, District FFA Competitions, a summer camp for kids, and more.

Thomas Knott, Poultry Science Club PhilantrhopistServing the Poultry Science Club this year as the Philanthropist Officer is Pre-Vet major Thomas Knott.

Philanthropy events for the club members to volunteer and participate in, helps the club give back to the local community.

This year, Knott is looking forward to having a positive impact on the poultry department and club as he completes his senior year at Auburn. “I love Auburn because I have met many great people and have made memories that will last a lifetime,” Knott says. “I love my major because I’ve learned how I can have an impact on the world through agriculture.”

Caroline Gamble, PR Officer 2017-18The 2017-2018 Public Relations officer for the Poultry Science Club is Caroline Gamble. She is a Poultry Science Production major and is anticipating graduate school after 2018. She has been actively involved in the department since her freshman year.

Within the club, Gamble promotes and recruits new members through digital media. “I want to finish out the year strong,” says Gamble.

“It’s plain and simple, I love the College of Agriculture because of the people,” Gamble says. “Everyone here makes you feel welcomed and appreciated.” She loves Auburn because it’s her home, family, and environment that is filled with opportunities and driven by excellence.

Michael Norris is serving the Poultry Science Club for the 2017-2018 school year as the club treasurer. As treasurer, Norris is responsible for monitoring, tracking and maintaining club finances. He shared, “I’m looking forward to working with a great group of officers providing the best experience possible for our members.”

Norris is currently a senior at Auburn University, studying Poultry Science Production in the Department of Poultry Science. He is interested in getting members involved, spreading knowledge about the poultry industry, and taking advantages of opportunities that connect students to the industry.

Norris loves everything about Poultry Science from the professors with the knowledge and passion they teach in class, to the opportunities put in front of him within his major. “I’ve made many friends here, I really enjoy my major and I also just love Auburn,” he said. As a transfer student, Norris describes his time here as “amazing.”

“Exploring the campus, city, and the state park just a few miles away provide something to keep me busy for when I’m not studying,” Norris says. “Even though Auburn is a large university, I have yet met a stranger.”

Madeline Frazier is a Poultry Science major in the Pre-Vet track, and serves as this year’s Historian for the Poultry Science Club.

As a historian, Frazier has to document the club’s activities throughout the year. She takes pictures at each event within the club and then puts them into a scrapbook. The scrapbook is taken to IPPE and is placed into a competition against other poultry clubs. Frazier also designs and creates the club’s t-shirts and helps other members with anything they need.

Frazier is looking forward to bettering herself in education and being a part of such a great of people the most. “The officers and other members of the club are so much fun to be around,” Frazier says. “I’m looking forward to all the events I get to participate in and meeting other people that I also am exposed to through this club.” The Poultry Science Department has opened up Frazier’s eyes to what is truly one of the greatest industries in Alabama.

She notices how the students care about their education and she has made some of her best friends through the Poultry Science Department at Auburn. “I love Auburn for the sense of family atmosphere,” says Frazier. “My family has been attending Auburn for years and it has been such a privilege to be able to continue that tradition.”

Poultry Science Club Vice President, Judd Powell, is a poultry science major focused on production at Auburn University. As Vice President, Judd runs the biggest fundraiser for each semester called Farm to Fork. This fundraiser gets club members engaged in the poultry production process and ends with a large sale of smoked chickens.

Powell is looking forward to learning more about poultry, getting to meet more industries, people, and to help others learn more about poultry, as well. “I love Auburn because it is a family,” Powell says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re at a football game or going to class. Other people that love Auburn will treat you like family. It also gives me the best opportunity to learn about the Agriculture industry.”

He loves his major because he believes that “we” can make a difference in feeding the world through our work.

Chelsea Hooks, Poultry Science Club PresidentThis year’s 2017-2018 Poultry Science Club President is Miss Chelsea Hooks. As president, she is responsible for setting the agenda at each club meeting, and scheduling speakers and professional development opportunities for club members. Additionally, the president creates, reviews, and submits the Club of the Year application to the IPPE College Student Program to be considered in the nation-wide contest for Poultry Science Club of the Year.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know all the new members and new students in the club and department,” says Hooks. “I love getting to know new people and I can’t wait to share my experiences and passion for agriculture with them.” Hooks is eager to help the club get great opportunities and chances to engage with leaders in the poultry industry.

She loves to get creative and to “think-outside-the-box,” therefore, she is hoping to find new ways to engage the club and get involved within the College of Agriculture. Hooks loves her major, Poultry Science Production, because she feels that the opportunities are endless and that she can use her talents within the industry while incorporating her love for Poultry Science.

“I didn’t come from a chicken farm, so it has meant the world to me to gain so much knowledge and experience in the poultry industry,” says Hooks. “It’s nice to know that the professors, faculty, and whole department want each and every one of us to succeed. They will help and support in any way they can.”

Hooks loves Auburn because it has always felt like home to her. “Everyone treats each other with kindness and it just feels like a big family,” she says. “The city of Auburn is my favorite city and to me it just has a small town fee, but there’s always something to do.”