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Our club is open to students from all majors with a common interest in the Poultry Industry.Meetings are held every other Monday at 6:00 pm and food is provided! The Poultry Science Club participates in a variety of activities to educate the community about the impact of agriculture & the poultry industry. Club activities include: Industry Speakers, Recruiting Visits, Ag Roundup Tailgate, State FFA Competitions, IPPE Conference Attendance and Philanthropic Efforts!

Poultry-Science-Club-event-Tigers-at-SunTrust-ParkSunTrust Park in Atlanta, home of the Atlanta Braves, hosted Auburn University Day early September. Poultry Science students and staff took the opportunity to go out to ball game!

Despite the temperature being over 90 degrees and a home team loss, the students enjoyed the experience to get out of the classroom and bond with classmates! 


Amanda Barkley, Junior, serving as Poultry Science Club as Philanthropy Officer organized the Beat ‘Bama Food Drive this Fall. Barkley organized a tour of the East Alabama Food Bank for the poultry club and wanted to continue to help East Alabama. The Food Science Club, Poultry Science Club, and College of Agriculture came together to donate 250 pounds of food.

Barkley continues relations with the food bank and has already organized a day of service for Poultry science Club members to volunteer in Spring 2020.


Seniors Ryan Oden and Carlynn Rehr spent their summer as interns for Tyson Foods at out-of-state facilities. Both admit they we’re nervous to leave the state but soon adjusted and thrived in their positions.

Both Ryan and Carley were invited to the  Tyson World Headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. Ryan was chosen to speak at the corporate office; he presented in front of 60 to 80 people and was broadcasted live to additional Tyson facilities that also housed interns.

Ryan and Carley were at different facilities and both excelled. Both represented Auburn University’s Poultry Science Department in a exceptionally professional manner!