What can you learn (or teach) about Poultry?

We’ve carved out a little place on our website to help you (and your students!) learn more about Poultry. Here, you will find information and printables on poultry education, as well as upcoming Extension Workshops. If you have any suggestions, or would like to contribute educational materials, please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Virtual Chicken Workshop

This online Virtual Chicken Video is made possible in conjunction with the AUFSI. For more information and materials visit the AUFSI’s Website.

Department of Poultry Science Educational Coloring & Activity Book

Auburn University Department of Poultry Science Rocko the Rooster Educational Coloring BookSpend a day on Auburn’s Campus with Rocko the Rooster!

What better way to learn about Poultry than from the friendliest rooster we know? If you would like to request copies of our coloring book to use or have for your class or children, please contact us! Want to see what we’re talking about? Check out our coloring book on ISSUU


Poultry Judging Preparation (FFA CDEs, State Competitions)

Poultry Judging Practice Guide (Published 2016)

To help your team prepare for FFA Career Development Events (CDEs) and the State competition, we’ve put together a Poultry Judging Practice guide. This guide was created in 2016, and is still relevant to today’s competitions.

Download thE GUIDE

Poultry Embryo Development Posters

Birds provide an interesting model to teach embryology since their embryos develop outside the mother’s womb. To this end, the Poultry Science Department at Auburn has updated their chicken embryology poster for academic use. The Poultry Science Department has developed similar posters of bobwhite quail and pheasant embryology that are also available to educators.

You can download these posters from ACES Publications:

*We no longer have hard copies of the Bobwhite Quail Embryo Development posters, but you can print off a copy of any of the embryology posters below.

ACES Poultry Extension Publications

A commonly held belief is that GMO products make meat and eggs unsafe or unhealthy. Learn why this myth confuses consumers and understand the reality of meat safety with these useful posters.

You can download these posters from ACES Publications: