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Our club is open to students from all majors with a common interest in the Poultry Industry. Meetings are held every other Monday at 6:00 pm and dinner is always provided! The Poultry Science Club participates in a variety of activities to educate the community about the impact of agriculture & the poultry industry. Club activities include: Farm to Fork Smoked Bird Sales, Recruiting visits, Ag Roundup Tailgate, Alumni, Friends and Recruiting BBQ, District FFA Competitions, a summer camp for kids, and more.

Serving as this year’s Public Relations officer for the Poultry Science Club is Tanner Quick. She is a senior majoring in Poultry Science Production. Quick has been involved in Auburn Agriculture for years, serving as vice president of Sigma Alpha, and is a member of Young Farmers.

Quick is responsible for promoting and recruiting new members for the club. “I hope to do the best I can to communicate with our members to let them know what we have going on within the club” Quick says. “I also hope to share positive stories that shine light on the good things being done in the poultry industry.”

Quick always knew that she would attend Auburn. “It was never a choice, from a very young age I have viewed Auburn as home and could not wait to get down there!” Quick plans to take her Auburn education and being working as a field tech in northern Alabama.

Serving as this year’s Vice President for Poultry Science Club is Brett Bobo. Bobo is a Senior majoring in Poultry Science Production with a minor in Agribusiness.

Bobo is looking forward to helping the club come together to work hard and accomplish goals that will represent not only the Poultry Science Club with the department at the highest standard. “I want everyone to set a goal each week to achieve and work the hardest to achieve that goal.”

After graduation Bobo plans to continue his work in the poultry industry. “I want to enter the industry with high goals and a strong work ethic hoping to build relationships, but most of all I want to help feed the world.”

Katie Martin is a Poultry Science major in the Production track and is serving as Historian for this year’s Poultry Science Club.

As Historian, Martin is responsible for creating a scrapbook that documents all the activities the club was involved in for the academic year.

Martin is looking forward to show what all the Poultry Science Club has to offer for future students. “I hope to make relationships with the new students so that they can become comfortable going to the upperclassmen for guidance.” Martin says. “Do not be afraid to go out and meet people. Make connections and go join any club that sparks an interest even if it does not retain to your major. Auburn is a family and will help you along the way.” The Poultry Science Club has made those connections for Martin.

In Martin’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. “I also enjoy football games and of course being a part of the Poultry Science Club.”

Cameron Greco is serving as this year’s Philanthropy chair. She is a Junior majoring in Poultry Science Production.

The Poultry Science club chooses Philanthropy events where members participate to give back to the community of Auburn. “We will continue to serve at Our House, a local organization that provides after school care, tutoring, and meals to children and families in the community.” Greco says.

This year, Greco is looking forward to accomplishing more involvement in Auburn’s community as she completes her senior year. This past summer she did an internship at Tyson foods and is excited to start her career after graduation.