Areas of Research

Our faculty poultry and food scientists are engaged in applied, basic and translational research aimed at improving the prospects of individuals and communities in Alabama and beyond. We are working to address key issues in the food production-processing continuum. Our research work falls into three broad focus areas: Poultry Production, Efficiency & Sustainability, Avian Health & Well Being, and Food Safety & Quality.

Poultry Production, Efficiency and Sustainability

Poultry Science and Food Science at Auburn University

While poultry are among the most efficient agricultural animals in terms of converting plant stuffs into high quality protein, we know more research is needed to sustain efficient production and to address emerging pressures on production.

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Avian Health and Well-Being

Auburn University Department of Poultry Science Pre Veterinary Medicine Major

Live production research in the department includes that of Avian Health and Well-Being. The incidence, effects, control and treatment of poultry diseases have long been an active research area of the Department of Poultry Science.

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Food Safety and Quality

Major in Food Science at Auburn University

Food Safety, faculty are developing and evaluating rapid detection techniques for foodborne pathogens, as well as developing new intervention techniques (such as antimicrobial additives and non-thermal techniques) to inactivate or reduce pathogenic microorganisms in poultry products as well as other foods.

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Faculty & Staff By Area

Auburn University Department of Poultry Science

Our excellent faculty and staff make up the programs, research and extension services provided by our department.

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