Course Registration

Online Egg HACCP Certification

Use the form below to register for online Egg HACCP Training and Certification. If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please see the contact information on the left of this page.

The course fee associated with this certification is $500.00 USD

Preview the course requirements before you register! Download the Online Egg HACCP Syllabus.


Please note, the credit card payment system will be down for maintenance from 3/15/2016 to 3/17/2016.  Please check back on March 18th to make payment by credit card.


To participate in the online Egg HACCP course you must have the computing skills required for course completion.

Participants are expected to be able to: 

  • Access to the Internet
  • Use a search engine
  • Cut and paste between word-processing software, e-mail, and the web
  • Save files as a MSPowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx), MSExcel (.xls or .xlsx), MSWord (.doc or .docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf).  These are the only file formats accepted for course requirements.

You’ll also need a modern web browser that is Flash Compatible, and the latest version of Adobe Flash.

These are free to download. Chrome or Firefox are the suggested internet platforms:

If you experience difficulties with the above tasks, you may want to contact a local computer expert for suggestions in developing these skills or fixing any computer problem.  Once registered for the course, tech support will be available to assist you with course-related technology problems.