Major in Food Science

Food Science is an exciting multidisciplinary scientific field where concepts from various science-based courses are utilized to develop and produce foods that are safe, palatable, healthy and economical. Food Science students are prepared in this program to address the ever-changing goals of our food industry: healthy food that meets dietary guidelines for consumers and profitable manufacturing methods for producers. Have you ever wondered if there is a more meaningful way to apply your background in science? Consider the Food Science program at Auburn – after all, each food product at your grocery store was conceptualized, developed, and manufactured by a team of food scientists.

What Is Food Science?

Auburn University Food Science Explained

Food Science graduates are prepared to enter many areas of the food industry, including quality control, research and development and management.

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Our Food Science Curriculum

Food Science Curriculum at Auburn University

This stand-alone major includes pre-requisite courses taken across campus and specialized food science courses in our department. Learn more about coursework in the Auburn University Bulletin.

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