Join the Food Science Club today!

The Food Science Club is open to any student with an interest in understanding all aspects of food, food science, and the food industry. We are affiliated with the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association. Meetings are usually held monthly. The Food Science Club participates in a variety of activities, including guest speakers, experimental cooking, competitions, potluck dinners, Ag Roundup Tailgate, and more!

Serving as Secretary for the Food Science Club this year (2017-18) is Brittany Singh.

As secretary. Singh is responsible for the attendance of club members, recording meeting minutes and noting the club’s accomplishments throughout the year. She keeps all members up-to-date on club events and goals via email, and helps coordinate club news to members and the department.

“I’m getting my M.S. in Food Science, says Singh. “And even though I’m looking forward to graduating, I’m also excited to soak up the knowledge here, and to apply all that I have learned during my time here out in the industry.”

She loves being a food science major because of its interdisciplinary. “There’s so much you can do in this major and job opportunities are fantastic!” says Singh. “Auburn provides such great opportunities for students to grow and succeed, I really do love being here.”

The Food Science Club President for 2017-18 is Mary Jo Toohey. Toohey is a Senior majoring in food science while also pursuing a business minor at Auburn University.

As president, her responsibilities include planning club meetings, corresponding with professionals in the industry to arrange speakers, and planning fun, food-related activities.

“I want to let everyone know the important work we do to make the world work,” she shares. 

Toohey says her major always interests her because she gets to learn everything about her favorite thing in the world: food.

Not only does she love her major and food, but she loves her school. “I love Auburn because the city has become my home,” says Toohey. “Not only has it become my home, but the university has welcomed me as family.”

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