We’re exploring new ways to keep your food supply safe and healthy.

Our research faculty and students are improving lives every day through their work in food safety, animal health and nutrition, production methods, quality control methods, waste management and more.

Our Work: Current research projects

Today’s challenges require our best ideas and the best research to generate new knowledge needed to ensure a healthy and sustainable food system. Here is a sampling of research projects in our department. These projects are also profiled in our 2014 Annual Report.

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Our Research Facilities

To support our faculty and students, the Department of Poultry Science has the capability and capacity to conduct research on a wide range of areas relevant to poultry production and processing.

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Dr. Huang's Food Safety Research

Auburn University Poultry Science Areas of Research

In addition to public health consequences, product contamination or adulteration can lead to product recalls, which can lead to decreased consumer confidence and loss of markets. Therefore, the food industry continues to look for effective food safety knowledge and practices.

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Featured Research Awards

IPPE 2015 Research Higlights

  • Dr. William Dozier gave a presentation entitled “Nitrogen corrected apparent metabolizable energy and lipid digestibility of distillers corn oil sources varying in free fatty acid content fed to growing broilers.
  • Kurt Perryman gave a presentation entitled “Effects of calcium concentration on true ileal phosphorus digestibility and true phosphorus retention determined using the regression technique in growing broilers
  • Klint McCafferty gave a presentation entitled “Effects of intermittent wheat inclusion on broiler performance, gastrointestinal tract health, and footpad dermatitis during a 46 d production period” This was Klint’s first presentation at a scientific meeting and he did a fantastic job!
  • Kate Meloche gave a presentation entitled “Effects of quantitative feed restriction on myopathies of the Pectoralis major muscles in broiler chickens at 32, 42, and 50 days of age” for which she won an SPSS Oral Presentation Award. She also won the Alltech Student Manuscript Award for her paper entitled “Validation of prediction equations for the apparent metabolizable energy of corn distillers dried grains with solubles in broiler chicks” (Poult. Sci. 93:1428-1439).