Online Egg HACCP Certification

Our Poultry Science Department offers an online course to provide training for Egg HACCP certification. You may need HACCP certification for yourself or your employees for a variety of reasons, and here we go the extra mile to make this process easy for you. Here are three reasons why you should consider enrolling yourself or your empoyees in our certification program:

Register for Online EGG HACCP Training

Because this online course doesn't rely on an academic calendar, or a scheduled seminar, you can register for our class at any time. you can access the information and modules at home, in the office, or on the go. Travel to our institution is not necessary to get the same quality education that was traditionally only offered at the University, while still providing the same hands-on exercises to develop HACCP plans.


What is online Egg HACCP training?

Online Egg HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training & certification is a scientific based program designed according to the HACCP principles to help the egg industry develop a risk based system to identify and control food-borne pathogens during the production of shell eggs and further processed egg products.


  • help the egg industry prepare for mandated HACCP in the egg industry
  • improve upon existing HACCP programs, while improving the safety of their egg products
  • using the preventive approaches implemented by the HACCP system.

Who provides this training?

This program is provided to you by faculty and administrative personnel of Auburn University with years of expertise within the egg industry and is supported by the American Egg Board, facilitated by Laura Bauermeister, PhD.

How does the online training work?

The programs are divided into individual learning modules that guide you through the steps necessary to create a HACCP program as well as the supporting programs, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Sanitary Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs). The modules include:

  • Power Point presentations with an audio lecture
  • A PDF of these presentations with 3 slides per page and an area for notes
  • An assignment following each module that you will complete (and use in the development of your Pre-requisite programs and your HACCP plan.)
  • A quiz following each assignment, so that we can monitor your progress and the effectiveness of the course.

What Happens when I complete the course?

After you have completed all learning modules and the final exam, you will receive a certificate for the Egg HACCP course complete with the seal of the International HACCP Alliance. You will need to score no less than 80%.

sponsored by the International HACCP Alliance and the American Egg Board.

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