What is Poultry Production?

Poultry is the top producing agricultural commodity in the state of Alabama and our students have experienced the significant impact of the industry locally as well as globally. Poultry Production encompasses every aspect of the poultry industry that creates and maintains optimal living conditions. The environment plays an important role in production and well planned management practices include proper air flow, temperature and lighting programs, pest control, waste management, and animal welfare standards. Students learn about these topics and best practices through lectures and labs but are able to put them into practice through working at the research farm, completing internships, and through projects such as Farm to Fork with the Poultry Science Club.

Other aspects of Production include nutrition and antibiotics. These regimens are closely developed and monitored to meet consumer satisfaction, industry needs, and grower capabilities. Our Animal Nutrition Center and Feed mill specially formulates each set of feed for research trials. Students positions at the Feed mill are also available to provide students with more hands-on experiences.

We encourage Poultry Production majors to add a minor to their curriculums in order to best tailor the degree to meet their needs.   Minors in Ag Economics, Animal Science, or a foreign language are popular.

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