What you learn here will ensure your work impacts lives around the globe.

Our Department currently offers three challenging and dynamic majors for undergraduates: Poultry Production, Food Science, and the Pre-Vet/Pre-Professional track. For graduate students, we offer Masters of Agriculture, Masters of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy for both Poultry and Food Sciences.

The Department of Poultry Science has been recognized nationally for its production programs, as well as housing the IFT accredited Food Science Program.

Students in Poultry & Food Science study the nutrition, marketing, management and business skills needed to improve today’s industries. Poultry & Food Science students receive a foundation in basic sciences and mathematics as well as an understanding of the needs of our country’s food supply and those of other nations.

With a degree in Poultry or Food Science your career can be as local or as global as you want it to be. Many of our students work in the industry right here in Alabama, but there abundant opportunities around the globe.

Food Science Degrees

Major in Food Science at Auburn University
Play with your food...and get paid!

Food Science graduates are prepared to enter many areas of the food industry, including quality control, research and development, and management. This major explores how the food industry meets the demands of employees, companies and consumers.

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Poultry Science Degrees

Auburn University Poultry Science Department Poultry Production Major
Major or Minor in Poultry Science

Poultry Production is a more traditional and generalized track that focuses on bird nutrition, health, and management. The Department of Poultry Science has been recognized nationally for programs specializing in poultry processing.

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Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Professional Options

Pre-Veterinary Pre-Professional Poultry Programs at Auburn University
Start in poultry, head to graduate school.

Our Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Professional programs focus heavily on the scientific aspects of the industry, including poultry health & nutrition and students the background to continue their education at veterinary, dental, medical, or pharmacy school.

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Student Life & Clubs

Auburn University Department of Poultry Science Students
We go beyond the classroom.

As a student in poultry or food science, you’ll have an active life in our department through a variety of clubs and organizations, internship opportunities, undergraduate research opportunities and other activities.

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