IMG_5769Joseph Hess

Extension Specialist/ Professor

Poultry Science Department


Doctor of Philosophy in Poultry Science, The University of Georgia
Masters of Science in Poultry Science, The University of Georgia
Bachelor of Science in Poultry Science, The Pennsylvania State University

professional experience

2003-Present Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
1998-2003 Associate Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
1992-1998 Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
1989 – 1992 Technical Service Nutritionist, Central Soya, Decatur, Indiana
1984 – 1989  Graduate Research Assistant, University of Georgia

honors and awards

2005 Presidential Award, Alabama Poultry and Egg Association, Montgomery, AL.
2005 Honorary FFA Degree, Alabama Future Farmers of America, Montgomery, AL.
2003 American Feed Industry Association Poultry Nutrition Research Award, Poultry Science Association

professional affiliations

Poultry Science Association (Board Member)
Alabama Poultry and Egg Association (Board Advisor)
Alabama Feed and Grain Association (Board Advisor)
Southern Poultry Science Society


research activities

My specific areas of research interest include the effects of nutrient intake and feed ingredient quality on performance and product quality in broilers and broiler breeders. Specific research areas within these topics include; the effects of feed ingredient contaminants (i.e. mycotoxins, bacteria, etc.) on broiler performance, nutritional and environmental factors influencing broiler meat yield and carcass grade, and the effect of nutrient intake patterns on broiler breeder performance. Novel approaches of current interest to the poultry industry include trials examining nutritional and environmental impacts on broiler yield and health, trace mineral influences on avian cellulitis and immunity, and feeding program influences on broiler breeder egg production and body composition.

extension activities

My extension programs are designed to transfer technology to poultry technical managers through four vehicles. Firstly, group training methods such as the flock advisor training schools described below and the technical seminars put on in conjunction with the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association allow contact with a large number of managers at one time. On-site consultations provide an important avenue for troubleshooting production problems for individual companies. Thirdly, articles in popular press outlets such as Poultry Times, Feed Management and Poultry USA showcase pertinent research and technology to a broad poultry industry readership. Lastly, result demonstrations/ research trials allow concrete answers to current industry problems.

recent Courses taught

Poul 4920 001 – Undergraduate Internship
Poul 8960 004 – Special Problems

Select Publications

  • Dozier III, W.A. and J.B. Hess, 2015. Growth and meat yield responses of HubbardXCobb 500 male broilers fed diets formulated with distillers dried grains with solubles varying in ether extract content and inclusion rate from 1 to 33 days of age., J. Appl. Poul. Res. 24:436-450.
  • Sanfelice, C., S.F. Bilgili, J.B. Hess and A.A. Mendes, 2015. Complexed zinc and manganese supplementation in live and processing performance in broiler chickens. International J. Poul. Sci. 14(9):537-540.