Global opportunities in Poultry & Food Science

Our work is part of a global industry. That’s why we encourage our students to gain global experiences. It’s also why we open doors of opportunity for international students to study here at Auburn.

Featured Study Abroad Stories

Food Science Student, Mary Jo Toohey, Studies Abroad in Rome, Italy

Mary Jo Toohey  graduated from Auburn University studying food science. Last year, she studied abroad in Rome, Italy, completing a full semester of coursework while traveling to 12 nearby countries in Europe. Her coursework added 12 credit hours to her minor, and she was able to add electives that were interesting and fun. “I didn’t usually have a lot of homework and only a few tests, but we did write several papers and had class discussions often,” Mary Jo said, “My professors had a different point of view and style of teaching, which helped me learn in a different way. I felt like I was able to fully grasp new concepts I’d never thought about before.”

Growing up, Toohey always wanted to study abroad while in college. Her family vacationed in Europe and her mother and other relatives attended a college in Italy, as well. “I always knew I wanted that experience my mom had and when it came time for college, I researched programs ahead of time to know what I could take once the opportunity came about.”

Toohey enjoyed living abroad, making some of her closest friends in the process. She shared an apartment styled as dorms complete with her own kitchen and bathroom with a couple of suite-mates. “The dormitory was once Italian apartments that were remodeled for college students and they were super nice and amazing,” said Toohey. “It was nice having your own space, but also having people to socialize with in the apartment.”

On the weekends, Toohey traveled by planes, trains, or buses around the country or to other countries.  Even though Mary Jo loved every site, Germany was her favorite place to visit. “It was probably the most exciting because during the time, it was their “Spring Fest,” which is like “Oktoberfest”, except in April” Toohey said, “We also got to explore holocaust sites, and those were fascinating to experience.”

One of the main issues students have with a study abroad is getting out of there comfort zone. “I think it’s important to get out of your comfort zone. You realize who you are as a person and you will never grow if you don’t venture out and experience other people and places.” Toohey says. Because she explored and took this opportunity, Toohey, explained that she wished she could had stayed longer. “I think everyone should take a study abroad before they graduate. It’s so important to experience other cultures and other ways of life.” Toohey said, “It makes us appreciate our own, but also helps us to continue to grow.”

Baily Crane Study Abroad, Nicaragua, Winter 2014

What did you do with your Christmas vacation? Poultry Science student Baily Crane spent hers abroad with an organization called World Vets. She joined their trip to Nicaragua, where she worked directly with animals and owners to improve the quality of lives for small communities there. Stepping onto her first airplane – and out of the country for the first time – she had no idea what to expect. Once she arrived, she knew this trip would change her life. Over the twelve day trip she gained invaluable experience working with animals and learning about the Nicaraguan culture. Flip through her pictures for a taste of her experience. 

Baily was able to take this trip with support of the study-abroad scholarship from the College of Agriculture. If you’re considering studying abroad, be sure to visit their Scholarship Application page! 

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