Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center

Though Auburn already has an internationally recognized Department of Poultry Science, we are building a new comprehensive “farm”, the Charles C. Miller, Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center that will significantly advance the university’s standing as a global leader in poultry research, instruction and outreach. This new Center will allow the Department to realize its vision of becoming the premiere poultry education and research program and will allow us to combine facilities in a systems approach to support our unique “farm-to-fork” philosophy.


The new Miller Poultry Research and Education Center is located on a 30 acre site at North Auburn. At present, the center is in its final phase of construction, nearing a completion date in 2020. Current construction includes a processing plant as well as several support facilities. Site preparation is also underway for construction on several new bird research houses. As of summer 2019, the Miller consists of the following facilities:

  • Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center-Alabama Poultry and Egg Association Feed Mill
  • The National Poultry Technology Center’s Testing Facility
  • Replicated Pen Facilities for Poultry Nutrition and Management Related Research
  • Administration and Education Building

Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center

The Alabama Poultry and Egg Association Feed Mill and Animal Nutrition Building is a state-of-the-art facility uniquely designed and positioned to advance feed manufacturing and technology in the southeastern USA and beyond. This mission strongly complements our other departmental teaching, research, and extension efforts to serve all phases of the poultry industry. With this mission to serve the industry in mind, we have utilized a modular design for our feed mill. This approach, along with utilizing equipment representative of industry standards, greatly enhances our research and educational programs. Specifically, this facility has been designed and is operated to achieve the following:

  • Enhance Auburn’s Teaching Mission by Providing Hands-on Experiences for our Students
  • Increase Process Control to Meet Research Needs Well into the Future
  • Expand Auburn’s Extension Mission via Industry Educational Courses.

The Administration-Education Building

The new administration and classroom building at the Miller Poultry Research and Education CenterThe fifth facility of the Miller Center is the Administration and Classroom Building, which opened in spring 2019. This 8,000-square-foot facility serves as the Miller Center’s flagship building and is the major support and education hub for the overall center as well as the center’s gateway. The building features a 1,700-square-foot meeting and collaboration space for educational and training programs. The building’s 1,200-square-foot visitors center features installations honoring the Charles C. Miller Jr. family as well as members of the Alabama Poultry Hall of Fame for their roles in building Alabama’s largest agricultural industry.

National Poultry Technology Center

The National Poultry Technology Center at Auburn University The NPTC‘s mission is to improve bottom line profitability of the live production sector of the US poultry industry by providing timely applied research and education that contributes to increased efficiencies in housing, equipment, energy and environmental control. The emphasis of the NPTC will be on improved efficiency, effectiveness, and economic viability of poultry production facilities. Specific thrust areas:

  • New energy sources for and improved energy efficiency of facilities.
  • Equipment advances for environmental conditions in facilities for optimal growth of birds.
  • Improved structural adequacy and longevity of facilities. • Engineering-related environmental quality issues.
  • Possible interactions between engineering issues in the production phase and food safety of poultry products.

Miller Center Pen Facilities

In early 2017, we opened two new “floor pen” facilities, MC-1 and MC-2, in which highly replicated broiler trials related to nutrition, performance, management, etc. can be conducted. Both facilities are enclosed all- metal structures to provide precise environmental control and strict biosecurity. MC-1 has two identical ends which can accommodate 72 replicated pens each, while MC-2 has one unit capable of accommodating up to 96 replicated pens. Both facilities offer superb support areas to accommodate a wide array of research needs.