We’re ensuring healthy, sustainable food sources for a growing population. 

As our local and global populations grow, healthy and efficient ways of feeding our communities are more important than ever. That’s why graduates of our degree programs in poultry science and food science are in such high demand for some of the top food companies, public agencies and research centers. Our students, faculty and alumni are impacting communities every day through their work in food safety, quality control, product development, production methods and more.

Outreach Event Photos

Visit this page to see a collection of Event photos from our department's outreach mission!

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As one of only six departments of poultry science in the country, we are serving our state’s largest industry through new research and knowledge in food safety, quality, animal health, production methods and more.

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Our research faculty and students are improving lives every day through their work in food safety, animal health and nutrition, production methods, quality control methods, waste management and more.

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Programs of Study

We offer undergraduate programs in poultry production, food science and pre-vet/pre-professional. We also offer the Master of Agriculture, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in both food science and poultry science.

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